Melbourne Events

Wednesday, June 21, 2017 - 18:00 to 19:30

International Day of Yoga - Seminar on Yoga and Vedic Tradition

Wed 21st Jun 2017
06:00pm - 07:30pm

Prest Theatre, G06, FBE Building The University of Melbourne

111 Barry Street Carlton, VIC 3010

On June 21, the Australia India Institute in partnership with the Consulate General of India in Melbourne are excited to celebrate an International Day of Yoga with a special seminar on Yoga and Vedic traditions. Each expert will speak for 15 minutes on their preferred topic which will be followed by a broader discussion as well as Q&A with the audience. 


Yoga in the Bhagavad Gita with Dr Haripriya Rangan

Dr Haripriya Rangan, Associate Professor and Director, Research and Academic Programs
Australia India Institute, will reflect on a variety of ideas abut yoga as doctrine and practice in the Bhagavad Gita.

Yoga: Uniting with the deep inner well of our being with Professor Marc Cohen

Yoga includes a wide range of practices that facilitate a connection between the mind, the body and the breath. This presentation will review research on how yoga enables practitioners to remain comfortable in uncomfortable situations and thereby enhance homeostatic responses and resilience. It will also discuss how yoga assists with conditions such as hypertension, insomnia and metabolic syndrome.

Professor Marc Cohen MBBS(Hons), PhD, BMedSc(Hons), FAMAC, FICAE, is a medical doctor and one of Australia’s pioneers of integrative and holistic medicine. He is currently President of the Australasian Wellness Association and Professor of Health Sciences at RMIT University where he leads postgraduate Wellness Programs and supervises research into wellness and holistic health including research on yoga, meditation, nutrition, herbal medicine, saunas, hot springs, lifestyle, elite athletic performance and the health impact of pesticides, organic food and detoxification. In addition to major textbooks on herbs and natural supplements, and the global spa industry, Professor Cohen has published more than 80 academic papers and written multiple books, chapters and articles on holistic health. His impact on the field has been recognised by four consecutive RMIT Media Star Awards as well as the inaugural Award for Leadership and Collaboration from the National Institute of Complementary Medicine.

Yoga: cultural politics of yoga in a globalising world with Dr Shameem Black

As yoga becomes popular around the world, it has also inspired new sets of recent questions about how, and to whom, these benefits can flow. In Western societies, in particular, there has been a new interest in practising yoga with a sensitivity to issues of race and class. In this talk, Dr Black will discuss some of the concerns that have been raised by members of the Indian diaspora, and speculate on how yoga might be approached in a way that respects these concerns. 

Dr Shameem Black is a Fellow in the School of Culture, History and Language at the Australian National University and the Deputy Director of the ANU's South Asia Research Institute. Her research interests lie in the literary and cultural studies of postcolonial India and its diaspora. She is the author of Fiction Across Borders: Imagining the Lives of Others in Twentieth-Century Novels (Columbia University Press, 2010). Her current research concerns the cultural politics of yoga in a globalising world.

Unravelling mystery of Consciousness: Through ancient Yogic texts with Dr Sanjay Raghav

Dr Sanjay Raghav, MBBS, MD, DM, FRACP is Associate Professor at RMIT and Senior Lecturer at Monash University. He is a Senior Consultant Neurologist at Monash Medical Centre and Frankston Hospital and is Director of Dandenong Neurology.

Dr Raghav has a special interest in Movement Disorders which include tremors, Parkinson’s Disease, Tics, Dystonia and Huntington’s Disease.

A/Prof Raghav is a level 2 Yoga Teacher who has developed a special Yoga & Wellness program for Parkinson’s Patients and conducts weekly Yoga and mindfulness Classes. Dr Raghav has integrated Yoga, Mindfulness, Ayurveda and Naturopathy with mainstream medicine. He enjoys teaching patients and public how to enrich their lives with holistic living through a variety of workshops and seminars.

According to Yoga, consciousness is the intelligent principle at the base of the whole creation. Chit is another name of the same. Sat, the existence and Ananda, bliss are the associated dimensions of consciousness. These three aspects coexist in all beings - animate and inanimate. In its purest form consciousness is beyond space, time and causation. It is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. It is beyond the realms of mind and so anything perceived through mind cannot grasp it. As a matter of fact, mind gets power from this pure consciousness. Yoga is a conscious process to accelerate our growth from grosser to subtler layers of mind. The goal of yoga is to manifest divinity inherent in consciousness and to unfold the total personality in all of us.

The Seeds of Yoga in Vedic Religion with Dr Jayant Bapat

Dr. Jayant Bapat comes from the Maharashtra State in India and migrated to Australia in 1965. He holds Doctorate degrees both in Organic Chemistry and in Social Anthropology. Dr. Bapat retired as a Senior Lecturer in Organic Chemistry from Monash University in 1998. Since then, he has been an 'Adjunct Research Fellow' at the Monash Asia Institute, Monash University. His current research interests are Indology, Hinduism, Goddess cults, Jainism and sociology of religion. He has published several research papers on temple priests, the fisher community of Mumbai and goddess cults and has contributed to Encyclopaedias of Anthropology, Sociology and Culture. He is a contributing author to Religion and Ethics in a Pluralist Society (Nelson, 2005). He is the Co-Editor of The Iconic Female: Goddesses of India, Nepal and Tibet (Monash University Press, 2008) and ‘Conceiving the Goddess: Appropriation and Transformation in Indic Religions (Monash University Press, 2017). He is the Co-Author of The Indian Disapora: 150 Years of Hindus and Sikhs in Australia (D.K. Printworld 2015). Dr. Bapat also acts as a Hindu Priest and Hindu Marriage Celebrant for the Hindu community in Australia. For his work in education and for the Indian community, he was awarded the Order of Australia Medal (OAM) in 2011. 

Wednesday, June 21, 2017 - 18:00 to 19:30