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3rd round of successful Chingari Small Grants awardees announced

20 Feb 2017

The Australia India Institute is pleased to announce the third round awardees of the Chingari Small Grants Scheme. The initiative was launched by the Institute earlier in 2016 to support projects, research collaborations or events that require funds between $1,000(AUD) and $5,000(AUD). 
Recipient: Rory Brown
Amount: $3000 (AUD)
Project: This program will be taking a bottom-up approach through providing organisational capacity to create a sustainable AFL 9’s program and promote women's inclusion in sport. The AFL 9’s program will encourage an active lifestyle, develop skills including leadership, tolerance, health and academic achievement. The programs activities will include:

1)    Promoting Australian India civil relations through AFL.

2)    Promoting women’s inclusion and youth empowerment through sport.

3)    Creating a workable model for ongoing implementation of the program throughout India.

4)    Providing a mode of engagement for Australians to participate in the bilateral relationship. 

Recipient: Purushottama Bilimoria
Amount: $2000 (AUD)
Project: There is an untold story about the momentous visit to Australia of the Right Hon V S Srinivasa Sastri. In June 1922 the eminent diplomat, President of Servants of India Society, a leading voice of the Liberal Party of India (defunct) and the Indian Home Rule movement, travelled to Australia to campaign for resident Indians and raise the bar on the stereotypical perception of India. He avowed to convince his Australian audience (politicians, bishops and workers) of the importance of India in the Empire, and to ensure that resident Indians are recognised as British subjects and so be entitled to electoral franchise and other non-discriminatory benefits on a par with white citizens. But he would not raise his finger at the infamous White Australia policy! This project will document all of Sastri’s speeches given during his Australian (Oceanian) campaign, and his reports back to the British India offices, together with the enormous press coverage he received as an honoured (state) guest of the Prime Minister, Billy Hughes, who doubtless had his own agenda in the imperial end-game.


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