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16 Feb 2017


Jonathon Balls 

Australia India Institute, University of Melbourne 

An exploration of incubators and funders in the clean technology space in India 

Project Proposal: 

Social enterprises and start-up businesses are playing an important role in the development of new markets for clean technology products and services at the bottom of the pyramid in India, and in developing new energy landscapes. My research will explore how clean tech energy incubators and funders are supporting and shaping social enterprises and businesses. It will focus on how and why incubators and funders are choosing businesses, ideas, and technologies to support, how they shape and discipline the activity of those businesses, and how they learn from the success and failure of businesses. 

Impact Statement: 

This research will shed light on the role that incubators and funders are playing in supporting, shaping, and disciplining social enterprises and start-up businesses serving the bottom of the pyramid in India. In terms of policy impact, outlining how incubators and funders are choosing businesses, ideas, and technologies, and how they are responding to success and failure – this research will show where incubators and funders are doing things well, and where improvements are necessary. 


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