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Pause for Thought - Ode to a Coffee Cup

05 Aug 2016

Youth across the world are putting their political effort into “being the change they want to see in the world” – a phrase that is misattributed to Gandhi.

The Occupy Movement is a good example. Rather than spending time petitioning politicians, Occupy activists sought to build an ideal society – a ‘better tomorrow’ - realised through such activities as free yoga classes, lectures, and democratic debates. Scholars refer to this as ‘prefigurative politics’: the channelling of political energy into performing now one’s vision of a better world.

The Australia India Institute podcast is recorded at the University of Melbourne in association with our founding partners La Trobe University, University of New South Wales and the Australia India Institute @ Delhi. 

Host: Dr Trent Brown
Guest: Andrew Garton
Producer: Kog Ravindran
Audio Engineer: Gavin Nebauer


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