India's Economic Growth: Opportunities and Challenges for the Region

Since adopting liberal economic policies two decades ago, India has become one of the two fastest growing economies in the world. While India has been reaching out to various regions such as Southeast Asia and the Middle East for expansion and strengthening linkages, India’s relations with its immediate South Asian neighbours remain problematic.India’s bilateral relations with the other regional countries have traditionally been contentious due to border issues as well as the fears and resistance of smaller countries to an Indian hegemony in the region.

Across the world, greater economic cooperation between countries is paving the way for greater connectivity and opportunities for circumventing sensitive political issues in favour of economic gains. Such opportunities as well as space for greater development do exist for smaller South Asian countries by virtue of India’s economic growth and rise in the world arena. India is also finding it necessary to reach out to the rest of South Asia since the region is gaining in importance due to its strategic position connecting regions such as East Asia, Central Asia and the Middle East.

This book will comprise of eight chapters, each presenting the views from a South Asian country on the opportunities and challenges that India’s economic growth has for the country and the region itself. Each country chapter will focus on four questions pertaining to bilateral relations between the country concerned and India; balancing its relations between India and China; support and opportunities for regional cooperation in South Asia; and local factors that will influence its foreign policy in this regard.