Australia just signed its answer to China’s grip on its trade – with unstoppable India

India Matters

To celebrate and commemorate India’s 75th anniversary of Independence, the Australia India Institute is launching India Matters, an exciting program including events, policy briefs, expert analysis, publications, reviews, podcasts and interviews on why India matters to Australia and the world.

India is important to Australia. The Australia India Institute recognises the vast opportunities presented in Australia getting its relationship with India right. Through engagement with policy-makers, leading experts, analysts and researchers, India Matters provides policy-oriented research, expert analysis and commentary on a range of bilateral issues key to the Australia-India bilateral relationship. The AII’s three broad programs – security & geopolitics, bilateral economy and cultural diplomacy – provides a platform for discussion and viewpoints that strives to inform public commentary about Australia-India relations, deepen Australia’s understanding of developments in India, and thereby strengthen Australia’s capacity to develop more effective policies toward India.

As part of India Matters, the Australia India Institute has also launched Vichar, a knowledge hub that will feature in-depth analysis and opinion pieces by our fellows and experts, on issues that relate to our three pillars: security and geopolitics, bilateral economy and cultural diplomacy.

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