Can lithium energise the future of the Australia India relationship?


Vichar is a knowledge hub that provides insightful and in-depth analysis on issues relevant to both Australia and India by experts, thought leaders, and policy makers. It serves as a platform for commentary, debate, and diverse perspectives on contemporary issues, creating awareness, understanding and engagement on our three programs: Security and Geopolitics, Bilateral Economy, and Cultural Diplomacy.

In Hindi, Vichar can take on several meanings depending on the context. Generally, ‘Vichar’ refers to an idea, opinion, thought, discussion, reflection or judgement. One might say “Please think (vichar) over it”, or “I like your idea (vichar)”, or “You should reflect (vichar) on this before making a decision”.

Vichar aims to provide fresh ideas on the Australia-India relationship as well as encourage and facilitate discussion and debate among the community and Australian public.

The views expressed on Vichar are those of the individual authors and don’t represent the views of the Australia India Institute or the institutions to which the authors are attached.

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