Bilateral Economy

Bilateral Economy

The bilateral economy program focuses on the complementary economic relationship between Australia and India, through providing research, analysis and commentary on opportunities and challenges in the trade and investment space.

The bilateral economy program focuses on trade, investment and the broader economic environment between Australia and India. In the context of the Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (CECA), this program provides a forum for discussion and viewpoints on trade and investment as a means of deepening economic ties between both countries. The Australia India Institute recognises that building bilateral economic relations with India – a complex, diverse, fast-growing and large economy – will chart new territory for Australia’s international economic engagements.

Forging international links with India requires engagement with a wide set of stakeholders, including government, businesses and corporate leaders from the private sector. The role of the Indian diaspora in Australia is also a key asset to supporting bilateral economic relations, and the Australia India Institute remains committed to engaging communities, businesses, professionals and emerging leaders in the trade and investment space.

The bilateral economy program aims to make an important contribution to public debate and policy development in Australia and India.



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