Dr Raghu Dharmapuri	Tirumala

Dr Raghu Dharmapuri Tirumala

Dr Raghu Dharmapuri Tirumala

Academic Fellow

Dr. Raghu is a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning at the University of Melbourne. He has over 28 years of experience and specializes in financing sustainable urban development. Raghu holds a Ph.D. in Built Environment, an MBA in Marketing and Finance, and a Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering.

Previously, Raghu worked as a Senior Research Adviser (Infrastructure) at AII. He served as the Professor and Director at the RICS School of Built Environment, where he established the School of Infrastructure and designed the MBA program in Infrastructure Management. Before that, he was the CEO of Infrastructure Development Corporation (Karnataka) Limited, a joint venture of the Government of Karnataka, IDFC, and HDFC.

Raghu has collaborated with government agencies, international organizations, academic institutions, and private sector clients throughout his career. He has worked on urban infrastructure, property and housing, transportation, tourism, energy, and industrial infrastructure projects. Raghu has authored policy documents and research reports and has been involved in various committees and task forces in India’s infrastructure sector.

Raghu is a well-respected speaker at professional conferences and conducts training courses on public-private partnerships and infrastructure development. With his extensive knowledge and expertise, Raghu contributes significantly to the field of built environment research and education.

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